Malar Midface Cheek Lift

The malar or midface lift is a specialized method of lifting the the cheek, eyelid, and lower eyelid skin through small hidden incisions at the outer corner of the eyelid as well as below the eyelashes or hidden inside they eyelid. This is a 90 minute per side outpatient procedure under IV sedation. This technique is useful for patients whose lower eyelids are pulled down from previous surgery or injury. Dr. Khan has performed these for many years and presented on the topic.

Malar Midface Cheek Lift Pictures

Before surgery

Patient had been operated upon by another surgeon for a facelift and lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Too much skin was taken and the lids weren't tightened with an unfortunate result of the lower eyelids being pulled down and always irritated.
3 weeks after surgery

The patient is pulled very tight, but this will loosen up. The lids have moved to a much better position and skin grafts have been avoided.
3 months after surgery

The eyelids look much more natural. The right eyelid is still a little low and could be corrected with a skin graft, but the patient is happy with the final results.